The cordless drills are becoming more and more popular with time, and we can safely say that this trend will only continue in 2018. There are dozens of these devices on the market right now, coming at all prices and having various features and functionalities – and it is time to take a look at the best of them, made by renowned companies and praised by thousands of users everywhere around the world.

But even the best cordless drills have some important differences between each other, which could present a big problem to someone who’s about to by one. Have no worries – that’s why we’re here!

Top Rated Cordless Drills 2018

These devices are, in our opinion, currently among the best on the market. Made by companies such as DeWalt, Bosch, and Makita, they are the best cordless drills that the money can buy right now, and it’s time to take a detailed look at each one of them.


ImageNameWarrantyOur RatingReviewBuy Now
DEWALT DCD777C2DEWALT DCD777C2On requestRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price
PORTER CABLE PCCK602L2PORTER CABLE PCCK602L23 yearsRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price
Bosch CLPK232ABOSCH CLPK232A-1811 yearRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price
DEWALT DC970K 2 18VDEWALT DC970K-290 day money back guaranteeRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price
Black and Decker LDX120PKBLACK+DECKER LDX120PK2 yearsRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price
Milwaukee 2691 22MILWAUKEE 2691-225 yearsRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price
Makita LCT209WMAKITA LCT209W3 yearRead Our ReviewFetch Best Price

DEWALT DCD777C2 20V – A Good Design and Portability

  • Design 95%
  • Quality 90%
  • Price 89%


  • Great design
  • Feels comfortable in hand – a grippy handle
  • The charger is very fast
  • LED light
  • Performs well


  • Occasional overheating
  • Batteries die pretty quickly
  • Battery replacement is very expensive

DeWalt’s new cordless drill bears the model name of DCD777C2 and looks striking. It features an ergonomic design, sporting a combination of the well-known “construction work” colors – black and yellow, as well as the variety of functions that makes it a cordless drill worth checking out.

The first thing to notice about this model is, as we already said, its design – it has a very comfortable grip handle, with the necessary textures that give the user a great control over the device. This compact design puts the DCD777C2 into a lightweight category, which makes it a perfect tool if you need to do some work in the hard-to-reach areas. We should also mention that there is a LED lamp on it (with a 20-second release delay), allowing the users to accomplish tasks in areas with less or no visibility.


But let’s leave the great build quality aside – and have a look at the device’s performance. DeWalt DCD777C2 is a real beast, and it easily helped us to accomplish every task that we used it for.


The only downside here is that the battery will be out quite quickly, but with a fast charger and two batteries that you’ll get in the package – this is not such a big problem. By the time the first battery dies, the second one will be fully charged and ready to be used!

The one thing that we didn’t particularly like here is that the drill overheated on a few occasions, and we had to wait for a while before continuing. This happened only three times in the course of three days of testing, and it wasn’t such an annoyance as it might sound – but we still had to mention it.

This brushless model comes at the price around $150, bringing you 300 unit watts out of power, two batteries (already charged), a good charger, and a soft & handy case. It’s an excellent addition to your workshop, and can also be used by people who use cordless drills only occasionally – to fix the problems around the house. We liked its design and performance, but there were also some flaws, although, not so significant to stop us from recommending the device.

PORTER CABLE PCCK602L2 20V – Professional Package Worth Your Money

  • Design 93%
  • Quality 88%
  • Price 85%


  • Two tools in one package – a drill and the impact driver
  • Powerful and extremely fast motors
  • Ease of use in tight spaces
  • The batteries charge very quickly


  • Intensive work quickly wears down the batteries
  • It doesn’t have a slow speed setting

The reason why we consider the Porter-Cable PCCK602L2 among the best cordless drills is the amazing feel that this device gives when it is in your hand – it’s incredibly comfortable to use due to its smaller size, and you can be sure that you’ll easily reach even the tightest and unreachable areas with it. The drill looks splendid, and we love its design – even though its combination of red and black colors certainly isn’t as important as its functionality, we always give a plus to the right looks.

And this is not the only great thing about it – the drill comes together with the impact driver in one package, along with the necessary accessories! Let’s have a detailed look at each of these tools:


This drill features 300 UWO (units watt out) of power, a 1/2 inch metal chuck, and a gear box with two speeds (0-400 and 0-1600). Since we already said a thing or two about its great design, let’s talk about its functionality.

The impact driver, on the other hand, is a bit smaller – it measures 6,2 inches in length and weighs one-fifth of a pound less than its companion, which makes working with it in hard-to-reach areas even easier. It features a 1/4 quick-change chuck, a LED light, rubber bumpers, and a fuel gauge, just like its bigger brother, as well as the built-in hook so that you can carry the device on your belt.


The drill performs very well, using the lithium-ion battery to the absolute limit, even though the battery wears down pretty quickly since the capacity of it is not that great. This, of course, is not such a big problem if you’re going to use the device only occasionally, but it will be if you’re a real DIY enthusiast. There are rubber bumpers on both sides of the model, as well as the LED light and the fuel gauge that displays how much juice is left.

The box also includes two lithium-ion batteries, a charger for them, a screw driving bit, a double-ended bit, and a kit bag. At the price of $159 (Amazon), you’re certainly getting quite an excellent addition to your workshop!

BOSCH CLPK232A-181 18V – A Pricey Champion

Bosch CLPK232A-181 18V best cordless drill
  • Design 98%
  • Quality 99%
  • Price 100%


  • Excellent build quality
  • Ideal for all uses
  • Ergonomic and compact


  • Expensive
  • Possible battery problems
Just like the Porter-Cable, Bosch, one of the most well-known electronics companies in the world, brings as a kit consisting of two primary tools – a drill and the impact driver – along with a charger, two batteries, and a bag. The remarkable German precision and build quality strikes once again, and we found this kit to be something amazing – along with a few flaws. Let’s have a look at it!


The most important part of the Bosch CLPK232A kit is the DDS181A drill – an improved version of another Bosch drill, found in a cheaper kit. This is a very compact device, weighing only 3,5 pounds and measuring 7 inches in length and it feels awesome in hand. There’s a heavy-duty keyless chuck here, powered by the motor with the maximum torque of 600 inch-pounds, along with the two-speed transmission (0-500 and 0-1700 RPM). It is easy to control the speed with this cordless drill – it has a variable-speed trigger, and as soon as you release it, the drill will immediately stop. This, of course, saves the battery power and prevents the occurrence of the stripped screws. Just be careful not to do some hefty drilling with it, as you might run into unexpected problems.

The impact driver, which is the second most important part of this package, is as compact and lightweight as the drill itself. It comes with a single gear and has the same variable-speed trigger feature, along with the stunning 1500 IP of torque and the maximum 2800 RPM. Last but not the least, there is also a LED light on it, which can be found just underneath the chuck.


Just like we said in the beginning, the kit also contains a pair of slim pack 2.0 Ah batteries, and a charger. Even though we heard that some users have problems with the longevity of these batteries, we had no such difficulties – working with this drill, and the impact driver is a real breeze, and the battery will last long enough for you to accomplish any task. If not – the second battery is always there for a replacement!

Like many other tools made by Bosch, the combo of the DDS181A drill and its impact driver companion is a great deal for this money, a set of reliable devices worth checking out if you’re searching for precision and quality.

DEWALT DC970K-2 18V – Cheap But Robust

  • Design 90%
  • Quality 85%
  • Price 87%


  • Affordable price
  • An ergonomic design
  • A compact size
  • The dual-speed range


  • Batteries are big and heavy
  • They charge slowly and don’t last for long
  • The model isn’t suitable for heavy use
  • Plastic chuck
DeWalt DC970K-2 is yet another incredible cordless drill in our opinion, coming at an affordable price and being one of the very first drills in DeWalt’s compact line. It is an outstanding tool, suitable for the basic jobs that you can do around the house and also for some heavy DIY projects since it’s durable, sturdy, and reliable.


This drill features dual speed settings – the first one is set at 0-450 RPM, and the other one at 0-1500 RPM. Even though it’s entirely made of plastic, the chuck of DC970K-2 is pretty durable, and it should easily withstand a variety of tasks that you’ll use it on. The device has seventeen clutch settings and comes with the 380 UWO of power.

When it comes to comfort, we can safely say that this drill feels good in the hand and can be easily used for the longer periods of time. Weighing 5,2 pounds and being 9 inches in length, the drill quickly reaches the tight spaces, but it’s still large enough to do the job in an efficient way.


This is where we come to the only real downside of this model – its batteries. This DeWalt drill comes with two batteries of the older kind, having half the duration of the advanced XPR batteries, also made by the same company. Unlike the lithium-ion batteries on the newer drills, the NiCd batteries inside this model have a smaller storage capacity and do not last for a long time, and the only good thing about them is that they have a longer lifespan.

One thing we have to mention about this drill its warranty period is something we’d like to see on all other tools – it comes with a money-back guarantee that lasts for 90 days, a free service contract that lasts for one whole year, as well as with a three-year limited warranty. It looks like DeWalt has great confidence in the excellence of their products – otherwise, the warranty wouldn’t be so long and so well-rounded.

As you can see, the affordability is not the only good thing about DeWalt DC970K-2 18-Volt – it is a great tool with lots of good things about it and only a few flaws.

BLACK AND DECKER LDX120PK 20V – Strong Tools and Plenty of Accessories

Black and Decker LDX120PK 20V
  • Design 97%
  • Quality 98%
  • Price 90%


  • A huge kit with over 60 home repair tools
  • Compact and ergonomic cordless drill
  • Good battery
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • The drill could be more powerful
Another affordable kit that we like is the Black & Decker LDX120PK, coming with a compact, efficient cordless drill and over sixty accessories and hand tools in a big box! We can safely say that these tools will surely cover all the driving and drilling needs of your household, and we also have to mention that this is how a perfect gift for every DIY enthusiast looks like. Let’s take a closer look at the drill and the accompanying accessories!


The best feature of the drill itself is its lithium-ion battery that lasts for a long time and will help you quickly finish every project that you’ve started. It has a smart design, fits great in hand, features a compact size, and it allows you to drill and drive in all kinds of spaces – even in the very tight ones. The model features the 11-position clutch, which should prevent you from overdriving and stripping the screws. We also have to mention the LED light, which is a crucial feature for everyone who works in areas with low visibility – you don’t know how necessary the light on a drill is until you have to work under a cupboard.


There’s a load of various tools in the kit, and we were pleased to find that there are also a lot of bits and spades for the cordless drill itself. Even though they’re not of the highest quality, they will still do their job well, especially when it comes to basic fixing around the house. There’s a good number of them inside the box – metal drill bits, screwdriver bits, hole saw bits, square head bits – in all of the most popular sizes.

The other tools inside the box are extremely useful for the general home repairs – there’s an adjustable wrench, joint pliers, a claw hammer, a tape measure, and some other handy things.

The warranty part of the whole deal is also quite good – the kit comes with a 2-year limited warranty, and the company guarantees to repair or replace any defected device. With all these eye-catching features, it is difficult to find any downside to this kit, and if we had to, we would just say that the drill itself could be a bit more powerful.

MILWAUKEE 2691-22 18V – A Combo That Works

MILWAUKEE 2691-22 18V
  • Design 92%
  • Quality 95%
  • Price 85%


  • Combo of powerful tools
  • Good batteries that charge quickly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight and straightforward to use


  • The kit is expensive
  • The 5-year warranty doesn’t include batteries
  • Wobbly chuck
The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation is well-known among the DIY enthusiasts – for more than 90 years, this company has been producing only the most reliable tools of the highest quality, as well as all kinds of home-repair accessories. That’s why we were happy to find out that they’re bringing out yet another cordless 2-tool kit, this time under the name of Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt. The package consists of a compact drill, an impact driver, two batteries, a multi-voltage charger, and, of course, the bag.


The cordless drill itself carries the name of MWK-2601-20, and features 24 clutch settings along with the 400 in/lb of torque power, and is very powerful. It had no problems with any tasks we put it on, and both the drilling and the screw-driving was a real breeze to do – even though it looked like the chuck has a slight wobble. The model has an adjustable speed setting, which is something we expected to see in this price range. It goes from the low speed (1-450 RPM) to the high speed (1-1800). The whole thing feels very comfortable in hand, and we were very pleased to find the convenient side handle.

Milwaukee’s hex impact driver features the same build quality, weighing only 3,5 pounds and bringing you 1,400 in/lb of torque power. It’s an exceptional piece of technology, with the manufacturer claiming it to be 70% faster than the whole competition. We don’t know about that, but the device is indeed a fast one and does the job in a quick and efficient way, and looks very durable – we expected nothing less.


When it comes to batteries that are included in this kit, we weren’t wrong to hope that they last a long time and allow the users to their job with a peace of mind, not worrying about the batteries running out. Even though we heard that some users had problems with them, we had none – they lasted for five uses.

There is a five-year warranty on the tools, but not on the batteries, whose warranty period is shortened to only two years. All in all, this is a great combo of tools, with very few flaws and definitely worth checking out.

MAKITA LCT209W 12V – Compact Tools With Japanese Precision

  • Design 92%
  • Quality 95%
  • Price 85%


  • Ultra-compact and ergonomic tools
  • A very fast charger
  • A sturdy aluminum case


  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks
  • Weak LED light
This combo kit, made by Makita, the famous Japanese manufacturer, brings us two tools (a drill and the impact driver), two 12-volt batteries (lithium-ion), a battery charger, and all of this in a very sleek-looking aluminum case. Both of the tools are, of course, cordless, and look very nice – which is exactly what one can expect when reviewing a device made in Japan. Let’s take a closer look at these tools!


The most important part of this kit is, of course, the drill. The precise name of the model is FD02W, coming with 200 in/lb of maximum torque power and two speed settings – 0-350 RPM and 0-1300 RPM. It is one of the most lightweight cordless drills on the whole market, as it weighs only 2,2 pounds, and when we combine this with the ergonomic design, we get a drill that fits very nicely in anyone’s hand. The standard 3/8″ chuck is keyless and makes drilling a smooth and a straightforward operation, and there’s also a LED light, which is something we always liked to see on a drill even though this one could have been a bit stronger. The model also has the much-praised automatic braking system, which means that the rotation of the drill stops as soon as you release the trigger.

The drill’s partner is Makita DT01W, an impact driver with high customer ratings and the weight of only two pounds, which puts it into the ultra-compact category. Even though it’s pretty small, the impact driver still brings quite a decent amount of punch – it has 800 in/lb of torque power, as well as the speed from 0 to 2400 RPM. Just like its companion, the DT01W also has an ergonomically designed handle which makes it easy to hold and work with for the longer periods of time, especially when we combine it with its extreme lightness.


The only bad thing about the impact driver is that you cannot use it for heavy duty jobs, but you simply can’t expect to get the same amount of power from both the 12-volt and the 18-volt tool.

The sturdy aluminum case is a big bonus here, as well as the charger that charges the batteries under 30 minutes. The kit costs around $140, and we would recommend you to check it out.

Check The Best Under $100

Don’t forget that these relatively pricey models aren’t the only things available on the market – you’ll be pleased to find that there are also some pretty good cordless drills under $100! These devices come with fewer features and functions but are still efficient and do their job just like their more expensive companions.

Be sure to check out our reviews of the best drills under $100! We went through a detailed testing with each of these affordable tools, bringing out both their positive and the negative points. Some of them are pretty surprising – you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a decent cordless drill!

Cordless Drill Buying Guide

The biggest benefit of having a cordless drill is the convenience – you can use it anywhere! Even though their corded partners are often more powerful, the batteries on the corded drills have advanced over the time and now allow you to easily do most of the jobs around the household.

The most important things to look after while buying a cordless drill are its voltage, weight, variable speed settings, torque settings, and the battery’s longevity (Ah). In the upcoming sections, we will explain to you what the cordless drills used are for, how should you use them, and give you answers to the most important questions about them.

What is a Cordless Drill Used For

The cordless drill is used for all those simple home-repair tasks that everyone might have a need for at some point – but they can also be utilized for the heavy-duty construction projects. As you already know, these devices use the rechargeable batteries, allowing them to be carried around whenever they’re needed for some task. Unlike the corded drills, the cordless ones don’t need to have a power source nearby.

There’s always a handle with a button
You can change bits of different sizes for different types of work
They have a battery and a battery charger
Even though it might be tempting for you to get a model with a higher voltage, remember one thing – if you’re going to use it for simple tasks, like hanging up pictures or curtains – a model with a lower voltage is a much more appropriate choice.

How to Use

Using the cordless drill is, actually, quite an easy thing to do. But there are still some things that you should know in advance – here are the five main points:

Always drill a pilot hole. This will prevent your bit from slipping, and also reduce the chance of wood-splitting.
Hold the drill as steadily as you can, and slowly push it into the material that you’re drilling. You’re probably using a wrong bit if it takes a lot of force to drill the hole.
If you’re having trouble with making a hole in the material, don’t forget to increase the torque. You can do this by adjusting the twistable collar on the device.
Never allow your drill to overheat – but if such a thing happens, always allow it to cool down.
If the bit gets stuck in the material, don’t force it. Separate it from the chuck and remove the bit with hands or pliers.

FAQs About Cordless Drills

What should I look for when buying a cordless drill?
The features to look after while shopping would be the ergonomic design, quick charging time, a work light, multiple batteries, and the extra handle.
How much does a cordless drill cost?
Depending on a model, a cordless drill will cost you between $40 and $200.
What are the main types of cordless drills?
In our opinion, there are four kinds of cordless drills – basic cordless drills, cordless hammer drills, cordless screwdrivers, and the cordless impact drivers.
How much torque will I need?
This depends on how you plan to use the cordless drill – only the heavy-duty jobs will require a device with higher torque, while the basic household repairs won’t.
What kind of battery in a cordless drill should I look for?
Look for the lithium-ion batteries, as they are lightest and last for the longest periods of time.

Final Words – Our Verdict

In the end, everything depends on your budget – the more money you can spend on a cordless drill, the better and more powerful device you will get. The top-quality cordless drills come with the highest build quality, a fantastic design that is often also ergonomic and makes the drill feel pleasant in hand, and a set of features that makes it a better choice than the cheaper drills.

In our opinion, the best cordless drills that the money can buy are the ones that come in kits – they’re often paired with an impact driver, two batteries, a battery charger, and a bag or a box to carry all those things around with you. We especially like the Black and Decker LDX120PK 20-Volt kit – not only does it have an ergonomic ion-lithium powered drill, but also over sixty tools and accessories that are guaranteed to come in handy for all kinds of repairs around the house.