We’re a group of enthusiastic people who are passionate about DIY projects – and especially about the power tools that one needs to create something from wood, metal, and other materials. Knowing that there are a lot of novices who would like to try their hands at this wonderful activity, we decided to start doing reviews about power tools, with the cordless drills being our absolute favorites among them. These things are practically invaluable for both the beginners and the seasoned handymen, allowing you to drill the holes and drive the screws wherever such a thing is needed – and, in most cases, they’re very easy to use.

Why are we doing the reviews then, you might be asking? Well, the main problem here is that the selection of the cordless drills online is just humongous! There are dozens and dozens of models, each of them having a different design and a different set of features, making it impossible for a DYI beginner to know which device will suit his needs. This is where we come in – since we know a lot about these things, we’re going to make your choice a lot easier by giving you the detailed reviews of all the currently popular cordless drills.

About Drill Guide

Our reviews cover both the virtues and flaws of each unit and are very straightforward and easy to read. We’re not biased towards any particular company, giving you a clean and realistic look at these invaluable power tools, which is probably exactly what you were looking for. Our goal is to lead you to a purchase of the right tool for the right job, and we know how frustrating it can be when there are so many different options available on the entire Internet. You don’t have to look for any additional sources of information – you are at the right place.